Fundraising Accounts

A Part of the Community

We have a simple and easy plan to help you raise money for your organization that requires no selling on your part, and the expenses are limited to “getting the word out”. By creating a charitable store account in the name of your organization, your constituents can bring in their gently used, unwanted items and donate them to your account.

As they sell, your organization will accumulate money to be used as you see fit. You can cash out your account periodically or choose to use it for those you serve to purchase items that they might need for a job interview, to furnish a home, or to clothe their children, etc.

Why should my organization have a charitable account at Stuff Etc?

Take advantage of this opportunity! Simply contact Jody Hagerty at (319) 545-8488 EXT. 1 to register for your charity account. You can also start the registration process online here.

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