Stuff We Don't Take

Some items aren’t a good fit for consignment


There are some items that we just can’t take for consignment at Stuff Etc.  Our years of experience have given us a great idea of what sells, and what doesn’t.  Please use this reference guide when preparing your consignment items for drop-off or pick up.  If you’re ready to part with this stuff anyway – you might want to start a donation or garage sale bag as well as your Stuff Etc consignment bags so you can easily sort which items to bring into Stuff, and which you want to donate or sell elsewhere.

Items We Don't Take for Consignment

Please note that individual stores may vary at the manager’s discretion and this is not intended as a comprehensive list. Different items may be less desirable in different markets, check with your local store if you have questions about an item.

Appliances & Accessories

  • 8 track tapes
  • cassette tapes
  • cell phones
  • computer monitors
  • encyclopedia sets
  • expired by date items
  • fax machines
  • imposter items
  • pagers
  • printers
  • records
  • scanners
  • textbooks
  • tins
  • TVs older than 5 years
  • typewriters
  • vacuums
  • VHS tapes
  • yarn

Housewares & Furniture

  • bean bag chairs with visible zippers
  • blinds
  • ceiling fans not in original boxes
  • chandeliers
  • curtain/shower rods
  • desk hutches without the desk
  • doors
  • hard wired light fixtures
  • headboards without frames
  • metal desks
  • mirrors without a hanging device
  • organs
  • paint
  • sewing machine tables
  • sinks
  • wallpaper
  • waterbeds

Baby Items

  • breast pumps
  • car seats
  • cribs with drop side

Sports Gear

  • bike helmets
  • bikes with rusty chains or flat tires
  • bowling balls
  • exercise equipment


  • bridesmaid dresses
  • undergarments without original tags
  • wedding dresses


  • beanie babies
  • easy bake ovens
  • kid’s meal toys
  • Light Bright  not in original box
  • stuffed animals
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