Online Consignment Accounts

Checking Your Online Consignment Account

  1. Determine the location of your Stuff Etc consignor account
  2. Be sure your email address is on your Stuff Etc account
  3. Click on the following links based on the store your account is located:
  4. Your email address should be BOTH your login and your password until you decide to change the password.
  5. If this does not work, perhaps your account has yet to be added. Please call the location of your Stuff Etc consignor account to find out this information.


Make Money From Your Closet!

Staying on top of your Stuff Etc consignment account is easy – check your account status online anytime.  When you’re ready to start consigning with Stuff, you’ll need to visit one of our stores in person to complete a consignor application to get approved and have your online account created.

Then, once you start consigning, we’ll keep track of all of your sales for that store in your online account.  You can log in to your account whenever it’s convenient for you and watch your stuff turn into cash!  (Remember that it can take a few weeks for items you consign to make it to onto the sales floor – especially if you’re consigning seasonal items, so if you don’t see sales immediately, don’t give up!  They’ll show up soon.)

Ready to start consigning?

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