Take the Next Step to Becoming a Stuff Etc Owner

Once You Join

The Stuff Etc franchise family is with you every step of the way. With business planning assistance, on-the-job training and more, we’re ready to put our 32+ years of experience in the resale industry to work for you!

Quick Facts

  • Avg unit volume per year is $2.24 Million
  • 4.45% increase same store sales 2017
  • Royalties: 4% Ad fee: 0.25%
  • Low start up costs, approx $375,000  


Owner Testimonials

“Stuff Etc makes it easy to open your own Stuff Etc. You receive a lot of assistance from corporate; they come in, take you step by step through the process, and even do training at your store.”

– Ben & Stephanie


“Stuff Etc was extremely helpful with all the aspects of becoming a franchise owner and opening the store. The people over at corporate are great people to work with!”

– Scott Seele

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