Spring Time in Iowa

Shorts, Tank Tops, Capris, Sandals….Spring has Sprung!


Who doesn’t love spring?  These past few weeks the grass has become a vibrant green color and all the trees are in full bloom with fresh leaves ready to soak up the sun.  It’s time for us to put away the winter wardrobe and bring out those fun prints and enjoy springtime in Iowa!

Each spring I feel the need to start fresh.  When putting away all those bulky winter items I feel refreshed and in need of some new floral prints and fun poke-a-dots.  This can be costly especially if you have children and feel the need to replenish their wardrobe as well.

If you’re like me then you like to find ways to make buying new spring garments a little less painful on the pocketbook.

Stuff Etc has 3 easy ways to spend a little less this spring.

  1.  Stuff Etc Calendar – each month this little calendar provides 2 coupons to use at any location PLUS it tells you all the scheduled sales for the year.
  2. Stuff Etc Website – this handy tool provides 2 coupons each month PLUS each Stuff Etc location provides additional savings when you use the Stuff Etc Recycle bag during the week.
  3. Stuff Etc App – coupons right at your finger tips!  Each week there is a new scratch card you can use on Tuesdays for additional savings PLUS each week there is a coupon for another discount.


Let’s go have some fun and go shopping!  See you in the aisles.

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