Spring Getaway for Less? Why Not!

What are your Spring Break Plans?

Believe it or not March will be upon us shortly!  Time to whip out the shorts, tank tops and sandals for the BIG Spring Break trip.  Planning for Spring Break is so much fun until you get to the point of trying on last year’s summer clothing.  Will they fit?  Are they still in style?  Do I even still like what I wore a year ago?  UGH, the reality usually goes something like this.  “No, they don’t fit! Some of it is still in style and NO, I don’t like any of it!”

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So before you EVEN go on Spring Break you need to spend a fortune getting a whole new wardrobe!  What a bummer…now you will have a much smallBlog Ber budget for the actual vacation you want to take.  OR will you?  What if there was a way to make a little extra cash before your vacation to purchase some new summer clothing or use as extra spending cash on your vacation?

This option is available to all of us but only the conscientious ever use it, consign your gently unwanted items and make a little spending cash for your vacation.  Right now Stuff Etc is accepting spring and summer consignment.  Go on and try on your last year’s summer items.  Those items you no longer want for whatever reason can be consigned to make some extra $$.  While you are there consigning your items go take a look on the racks for items that can fill the empty holes in your wardrobe.  Many times you can find trendy brands for 1/3 of retail costs!!  This allows you to either buy more clothes for the trip OR buy clothes for your trip and still have extra spending money while you are having the time of your life.

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So this year don’t feel guilty about going on Spring Break.  Live it up to the fullest because a savvy saver has more fun!!

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