Make Your Yard Stand Out with Creative Planters

It’s time for that snow to go away and to start planning all the fun you will have this spring in your yard.  EVEN if you don’t have a green thumb!

One of the best ways to stand out on your block is to add creative floral containers to your yard and garden.

Anyone can go to the store and grab ready made floral containers but where is the fun in that?  Why not show off a little and think outside the box and create your own.

A quick walk around Stuff Etc Coralville and I came up with these ideas:

1.  Kitchen Chairs

A great way to add height in your greenery garden and a bit of color.  You can place fun objects on the seat of the chair that hold your flowers or you could even cut out a section of the seat and attach a wire planter with your floral arrangement inside that.

2.  Tins or Baskets

There is never a shortage of baskets or fun tin containers at Stuff Etc.  Mix up your look by having tall and short ones with different circumferences.  These can be placed in your garden or they can stand alone next to entrances or they even look great on patios.  I always stick to the rule of using 3 to complete any look even though it looks pretty good with only 2 in the picture.

3.  Furniture

I’m pretty sure this wagon was designed for floral containers but I didn’t have a dresser with drawers full of flowers handy.  There always seems to be inexpensive dressers at any Stuff Etc location and they would look amazing in or next to your garden.  Just pull out the drawers, add some dirt and plant those flowers!

4.  Old Water Cans

Water cans are a pretty regular item at Stuff Etc.  Most aren’t weathered like the one in the picture but it will be, at the end of the summer.  This might just be my favorite one of the group.  It’s the most versatile.  It’ll look good anywhere in your yard, alone or with other fun repurposed items.

Other fun items that would look great in the yard are tool boxes, ammo boxes, shoes or even colanders.  All items you can find at your local Stuff Etc.  Now that I’ve given you these ideas I bet you’ll walk into your local Stuff Etc with a different set of eyes and stay even longer!!  Who knows, maybe you’ll find enough unique pieces to do your neighbor’s yard too!  Enjoy your Spring.

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