Dad’s Rules? or Dad Rules!

 It’s time to CELEBRATE all our Dads!


DadsWhat special memory will you be making with your Dad on Sunday? Whatever you plan be sure to show him all the gratitude and love you can.  Take a moment and think back to all the times he took a minute to show you how to do something new, how to make something just a little bit better, or what about the time he just stood by and watched you with the proudest look on his face.  We’ve all had ups and downs and arguments but isn’t that what makes the bond stronger?

As nature has shown us time and time again, life should not be taken for granted.  This Sunday spend time with your dad.  He demands little from us in return for all the time and knowledge he has bestowed upon us.

You know your dad best!  Pick out his favorite past time and just spend the day doing that with him. He’ll remember it forever.



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