Can You Answer These Questions?


If there was a Stuff Etc trivia game, how well do you think you would do?  Think you could answer our 5 most commonly asked questions?  I’m just going to throw this out there….our most commonly asked question might be a shocker to you.  Read on!

5.  Does Stuff Etc Accept Jeans and Sweatshirts Year Round?

Answer:  We absolutely do!  In fact we have a section on our website that shows everything we take year round, no matter what month it is!


4.  Does Stuff Etc Have Any Specials Going on Today?

Answer:  Always check for a coupon or scratch card on the Stuff Etc app.  Our website also has a coupon or two on it each month PLUS we provide discounts when you use your Stuff Etc recyclable shopping bag.  AND don’t forget items in the store after 60 days are 50% off and after 90 days they are 80% off.  So as you see, there seems to be plenty of opportunities to score an even BETTER deal with Stuff Etc.


3.  What is Stuff Etc Currently Accepting?

Answer:  Stuff Etc is seasonal and to stay competitive with all other retailers we take what you see at your mall.  So from March to June we are accepting summer merchandise.  Some items that are BIG SELLERS for Stuff Etc are athletic wear, home decor and furniture.  Our demand for these items is year round so consign often!


2. How do You Consign at Stuff Etc?

Answer:  It’s easier than most people think.  No flow charts or diagrams needed, promise!!  Stuff Etc takes 1 tote of your gently used items Monday thru Saturday (and 5 larger items that will not fit in our totes).  Make sure your items are clean, in working order and all pieces are included.  After you drop off your tote leave the rest to Stuff Etc!  It really is that easy and if you are unsure of anything please ask a Receiving associate your question at the time of your drop off.  It’s easier for us to help you BEFORE you leave the building.  If 1 tote just isn’t enough then we do have the option for an appointment, which allows you to drop off 2 totes.  If this is more up your alley just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

If it’s furniture you want to drop off, well that’s really easy too!  There is no appointment needed and you can bring in as much as you want any day of the week!  We just ask that all drop offs are done half hour before we close that way we have enough time to process your items correctly.

How many of you thought this would be our most commonly asked question?  Read on for #1!!


1.  Does Stuff Etc Have a Bathroom?

YES, truly this is the most commonly asked question at Stuff Etc!

Answer: Yes, we do!  At Stuff Etc our bathrooms are always located near our Changing Room areas.  I’ve even heard customers ask other customers where our bathrooms are.  Now that you know please share the knowledge next time someone asks you!


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